Professional Affiliates

Expert advisors in franchising, under specified categories, can apply for Professional Affiliate membership. They undertake to ensure that the advice on franchising and what they provide to clients is of a standard consistent with the aims and objectives of the European Code of Ethics.

The bfa's Affiliated professional advisors cover the following disciplines:

  • Legal Advisors in Franchising (solicitors and barristers)

  • Banks (those with dedicated franchise departments)

  • Franchise Consultants (to help franchise a business)

  • Accountants and Financial Services (essential financial advice)

  • Media (franchising magazines, newspapers and websites)

  • Business Brokers and Transfer Agents (helping with existing franchise sales)

  • Personnel Recruitment Consultants (help in recruiting the right staff)

  • Exhibition Organisers (dedicated franchise exhibitions)

  • Training Providers (providing specialist franchise training)

  • Franchisee Recruitment Consultants (helping match the right franchisees with franchisors) 

Having joined the bfa, Professional Affiliates must commit to ongoing compliance with the terms and conditions of membership of the British Franchise Association.

Click on the link to download a Membership Pack and find out more about the benefits of the bfa. 

To view the cost of Professional Affiliation please click here.


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