Joining the bfa

Membership of the bfa is open to:

  • Franchisors and professional advisors to the franchise industry that can fully satisfy our accreditation criteria
  • Franchisees of accredited franchisor brands
  • Suppliers providing valuable services to the franchising industry

Because of the extensive amount of work that has been undertaken over three decades to develop, protect and promote the bfa’s quality standards, membership brings with it invaluable credibility and recognition of compliance with quality standards and ethics in franchising. This differentiates bfa members from those businesses that have not been accredited to the same rigorous standards.

In addition to the credibility that membership brings, there are also many other benefits of membership.

These include opportunities to:

  • Network at bfa events
  • Attend bfa training courses and educational seminars
  • Participate in, or be associated with, many of the bfa’s activities and promotions
  • Take advantage of the considerable influence the bfa exerts at home and abroad

Undoubtedly, the major benefit is the credibility and recognition that come with accreditation which is the unique differentiator in franchising.

For more information, click on the link to read or download Membership Benefits.


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